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BB Glow 

€850 Kit Included 

Locations: Dublin, Monaghan & Dungannon 


BB Glow nano-needling treatments provide instant hydration leaving the skin with a more glowing and youthful appearance, gradual brightening effect on the skin helping to restore even skin tone, neutralize free radicals. Products are plant based with added skin boosters for optimum results 


Whats Included:

Fully accredited training 

2 Certificates ( Meso BB & Physiolabs nano needling) 

Meso Pen 

10 x Nano Cartridges 

5 x 10ml Meso BB Vials 

5 x 5ml Physiolabs Camo 1 

5 x 5ml Physiolabs Camo 2 

10 x Post treatment masks 

10 x V6 Aftercare Serums