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Facial Peeling


Duration: 1 Day

Entry requirements: Level 2 Facial Treatments

Cost: €850 

Locations: Dublin, Monaghan & Dungannon 


Facial peel treatments date back as far as the ancient Egyptians, sun damaged skin was a sign of lower superiority and those with higher superiority used sour milk which contained lactic acid as a type of facial exfoliation on the skin.



Over the years treatments and products have developed but the basis remains the same to remove the damaged outer layers of the skin revealing a fresher more youthful complexion. Peeling treatments can be used for a variety of different reasons including the treatment of enlarged pours, lines, wrinkles, the removal of dead skin cells, acne and pigmentation problems.


Benefits of having a peeling treatment:

Smoother & brighter complexion

Eradicate dull skin tone

Removal of dead skin cells

Even skin tone & texture

Visible improvement of fine lines and wrinkles

Visible improvement in pigmentation problems

Improvement in inflamed acne skin

Increased elasticity and collagen production 

Improvement in sun damaged skin