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Duration: 1 Day 


Training with Full kit €2,300



 HyaM - No Needle Technology is taking the beauty industry by storm, this is the easy alternative to injectable treatments and is perfect for those who don't like needles


Non-invasive method of administration Dermal filler, Mesotherapy, Biorevitalization & Fat dissolve

Needless Mesotherapy & Dermal Filler


No Bruising & Complications

Full kit included

The HyaM system works by injecting the product at pressure high enough for a fine stream of liquid to penetrate the skin

You can do Dermal fillers for lips and superficial lines, Mesotherapy & lypolasis now without any needles,pain, bleeding, bruises and discomfort!

Our course includes:

- Theory
- Practical work
- Live demo
- Work on live model
- Full kit with Product pack
- Accredited & insurable Certificate


Deposits are non-refundable. Our training is accredited and insurable, requirements may vary from insurer to insurer so we ask all students to check with their own insurer before booking any courses