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Rejuvi Tattoo & Permanent Makeup Removal

Duration: 1 Day 

Cost: €650

Entry requirements: 


The Rejuvi tattoo removal treatment is a unique method of tattoo ink extraction which is designed to completely remove your microblading or SPMU tattoo ink pigments from the body. The treatment has been extensively researched, developed and tested, and in use worldwide for over eight years.


The  treatment is less painful than other removal methods and the treatment course and subsequent tattoo removal is typically much faster and more effective than laser removal options, including effective removal of all tattoo colour.


The rejuvi system is suitable and effective on both micro blading & semi permanent make-up and on most areas of the body apart from sensitive areas near the eyes or areas where high levels of moisture occur (where special aftercare considerations may be required). The treatment is not colour selective (unlike laser) and acts on all colour pigments equally.